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Bulletproof Glass for New Model Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 76

Dynamic Armored Glass supplies Bulletproof Glass for New Model Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 76 Series Hard Top B6 Level Car, It is Premium Quality Fresh Produced Bulletproof Glass. It is Designed to protect from projectiles penetration so it gives high level protection. It is composed of several layers of glass bonded with PVB and PU layers.

Transparent Armor is a strong clear material that is resistant to penetration. Like any other material, it is not completely impossible to pass through. It is made from a combination of two or more types of glass, one hard and one soft. The softer layer makes the glass more elastic, so it can flex instead of shatter. The index of refraction for both of the glasses used in the layers must be almost the same to keep the glass transparent and allow a clear view through the glass.

Bullet Resistant Glass is constructed using layers of Laminated Glass. The more layers there are, the more protection the Laminated Glass offers. We pay Special attention to index of refraction for instance, so the final product provides un distorted view. As a result the optical clarity and quality of our glass is second to none.

Our Armored Glass varies in thickness from 24 mm to 120 mm because it is determined by the threat level specified. Our team provides the client with the enhanced experience and developing the best design to meet occurring requirements.

We have ready designs for Sedan Cars, SUV, Trucks and Buses. Solutions also available for Civil and Military Applications APC, MRAP, Guard Rooms, Safe Houses.

We have vision of Delivering high performance products for Armored Cars. Our hard work and dedication to supply premium quality solutions have saved countless lives.

With Bullet Resistant Glass you can add a layer of safety and solace to your life. The glass is able to provide many solutions for bullet, blast, impact and forced entry giving the business of homeowner a sense of security.

 Live Shooting Test Video on Our Bulletproof Glass

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About Us

Dynamic Armored Glass is a manufacturer of certified ballistic glass and frame systems for Defense, automotive and architectural applications. With 15 years of combined experience in Armor engineering and design, we understand the challenges faced by our clients and have devolved many unique and effective solutions in response. Our production facilities house state-of-the art machinery and equipment, enabling our engineer’s and skilled production personnel to implement production processes that provide the highest quality transparent products possible with the shortest lead times in the industry. With our combination of in-depth field experience, manufacturing prowess and engineering acumen, we look forward to continually serving our clients around the world by providing high quality, customized transparent Armor systems.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to continually exceed our customers’ expectations in safety, product quality, product range and fast delivery. Our Vision is to help protect lives with innovative designs and products meeting even the most challenging tasks.

Environmental Commitment

We believe that we are all impacted by the potential environmental consequences of global climate change, and we realize that a commitment to “going green” means more than energy efficiency or reducing our carbon footprint. By applying energy efficient production methods and recycling more than 95% of our waste we are keeping up with our commitment.


We have made substantial capital investments in order to implement the latest technologies in glass production. We believe in process automation and utilize CNC Machines and sophisticated software to expedite production and minimize tolerances. Our R&D Department works relentlessly to perfect and expand our product range and capabilities providing DAG with an unmatched competitive edge.

We only utilize high quality raw materials from leading European and North American manufacturers to ensure best Results. Our skilled engineering and production personnel are able to deliver on any demand including flat and curved ballistic glass and frame mountings systems. By keeping the whole process from drawings to production in house, we able to meet any design characteristics in a timely and efficient manner.

DAG Strict selection and use of high quality materials, experienced specialists, meticulous in process inspection and state of the art automated production enable us to manufacture fully certified, colour neutral, UV Resistant security glass products with 100% optical clarity.

Quality Control

We strictly enforce and adhere to the highest level of production quality and manufacturing standards as guided by the internationally recognized Quality Management System. We always keep in mind that our products save lives and give utmost efforts to meet and exceed standards protection.

As part of the QC Process, a highly trained quality control team carefully checks each unit for:

In addition, randomly selected units are tested for durability using an accelerated and ageing chamber and taber testing.

Every single piece of glass manufactured by Dynamic Armored Glass is given a serial number pertaining to the batch of raw materials used, production date and level of protection. The unique number allows for full traceability and after sales tracking.

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